We are trying to raise money to repair the roof of the Musée des Moulages, which is estimated to cost approximately 1,000,000€ (about $1.1M).  Any money raised above this amount will go to help restore existing damage to the moulage collection and Barretta’s workroom.

Unfortunately, the museum is part of the national health service of France, so the hospital cannot solicit funds directly, however they can accept donations earmarked for the Musée des Moulages.

There are three ways you can help to save the moulages:

ceiling damage
The top photo shows the inside ceiling above the moulages with water damage and peeling paint.  The bottom photos show plastic buckets and tarps in the attic rafters above the ceiling to catch water from the leaking roof. Barretta’s studio (center) has a leaky window which is slowly ruining his personal library of books from the 1800’s.


  1. You can donate directly to the museum HERE
  2. You can donate online through our gofundme campaign HERE
  3. You can buy fun hand-drawn portraits of your favorite dermatology people HERE.  (proceeds from items sold will be donated to the museum on your behalf.)